Derrick Owens

CrossFit L1 Coach
Derrick Owens


Derrick started his fitness journey in 2017 after graduating college, and specifically got into CrossFit because of the competitive aspect. After playing lacrosse for four years and then nothing driving his competitiveness, CrossFit was perfect for him. He then saw how to become a personal trainer and get his L1 certification so he could help coach at a gym in Pennsylvania where he lived at the time. In 2018, he moved to Washington DC where he did PT and CF coaching full time, and was training individuals from ages 13 to 91. In 2019, he moved back home to New York where he was coaching at a functional fitness facility helping members become their best selves. He likes to tell people that he is just “above average” when it comes to being competitive in CrossFit. Derrick is a fun, outgoing, all around friendly coach and we enjoy having him on the CFD team!

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