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More than just a gym… we are a welcoming, friendly, motivating group of people from all walks of life. Our priority is to help you reach your fitness goals. Our coaches are experienced, personable and dedicated to helping you stay accountable in your fitness journey.

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The “FIT” in our name stands for Functional movements, High Intensity Interval Workouts, Training for Life, which we believe is the most effective form of exercise and way of building speed, strength and stamina to look and feel your best.



We believe in modifying movements and scaling workouts to ensure you are getting the most out of your daily exercise and staying safe with good form and proper technique. The beauty of this type of training is that it works for anyone and everyone- no matter your level of fitness, age, experience or background.


Everyone has their preferences and likes/dislikes when it comes to their workout routine and schedule. We offer various membership options based on how often you would be coming to classes, ranging from unlimited to 3 times per week, to class passes/punchcards if you can’t do the monthly commitment or are traveling from out of town. We are happy to chat and suggest which one would be the best fit for you based on your needs.


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Dilworth FIT - Functional Workouts, High Intensity Intervals, Training for Life.

We are in the business of helping you achieve your goals no matter your background or experience.

Our programs are focused on building speed, strength, and stamina, which we believe is effective for long term overall health and wellness. Our priority is to help you become the best version of YOU – fitter, healthier, and happier!

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